Instant access to hundreds of businesses

Detailed info, contacts and location service

Constant up to date information

Easy to use and convenient

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Discover the Hebrides with Hebridean Life app

Our Aim

We aim to provide locals, tourists and business people with all the essential information they need to make life in the Hebrides that bit easier and more enjoyable.

Hebridean Life is a business directory and source of information for every type of business within the Hebrides. This app provides a simple way to find all the essential contacts, businesses and upcoming events within the Hebrides. The app provides detailed information, contact and website details and with its location service it even directs you to your chosen destination. The app is dynamic with constant up to date information and simple, making it easy to find what you’re looking for within seconds.

The app can be used without internet access for all Android and Apple devices. So wherever you are, we aim to help make your life easier. Whether you’re a traveller looking for accommodation, a business person wanting to find a taxi from the airport or simply a local wanting to know when the latest gig is on, the Hebridean Life app will deliver that for you.

Stored away in your phone you have constant access to hundreds of businesses, taxi’s, essential contacts, gigs and events within the Hebrides at the touch of a button.

To have your businesses added to the app please go to ‘Get Listed’.